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A man finds himself in a test chamber with a gravity gun. He must complete the tests to escape!

Controls : 

AWSD  - move

Left Mouse Click - grab an object 

Right Mouse Click - throw an object

Left Shift + Q / E - rotate an object

R - restart

Xbox Controller is partially supported

Design docs /Puzzles / Narrative design :


Participants : 

Cliff Tull - game design, 3D art

Tucker Langseth - game design, level design

Tobias Tluczykat - sound design, music, SFX

Vitalii Zavoloka - code,  level design

Source code: 


Latest build (v0.1):


Updated 24 days ago
AuthorVitalii Zavoloka


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The music,  voice acting and sound design is really good. The gameplay idea and the level design is okay but it could have been better. 


The level design and core gameplay is a bit different from our GDD. That's why it may be clumsy in some places.

I keep working to resolve these differences.

Thank you for the feedback ; )