A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Our main character has stuck in a dream. 

Help him to run out from this darkness!

Hey folks! This is my demake prototype of Alan Wake that originally was published for X360 (2010) and PC (2012). I had only 2 days for development so the prototype is barely playable. But you still can roam around and  'shoot' some enemies with flashlight OR you can get killed, instead.

Have a nice play !

PSX shaders: 


3rd Person Dummy from Unity Asset store:


Partical textures :


Music : 


Controls :

AWSD - walk

Space - jump

Shift - run

Mouse - look around

R - restart

Ps. An executable calls EnclavePSX due to historical reasons. Perhapse I will create a demake for this game too.


AlanPainWakeUp-win.zip 26 MB
AlanPainWakeUp-lin.zip 39 MB

Development log

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